Selection of the optimal manufacturing process


Although components can be produced using different processes, each process has specific capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Both the initial determination of the optimum process for new developments and the testing of technological alternatives for existing components are carried out by our manufacturing experts.


A) Definition of the target

  • Reduction of procurement costs
  • Realization of special quality features
  • Implementation of key functional features

B) Analysis of specific characteristics

  • Quantities
  • Material
  • Geometry (shape, dimensions, wall thickness etc.)
  • Quality (surface quality, dimensional, form and positional tolerances etc.)
  • availability of technology, suppliers & contract manufacturers
  • and so on

C) Documentation of the results

D) Recommendation for an optimal manufacturing process

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Relevant manufacturing processes

Forming manufacturing processes

Casting process
Sand casting, permanent mold casting, die casting

Plastics processing
Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding

Sheet metal processing
Laser cutting, punching, folding

Solid Forming
Rolling, die forging, hammer forging

Joining processes
Plastic and metal welding processes,…

Machining processes
Turning, milling, drilling…

Additive manufacturing
Stereolithography, multi-jet modeling, laser sintering

Surface treatment processes

Thermal & Thermochemical Heat Treatments
Hardening, carburizing, nitriding,…

Mechanical surface treatments
Grinding, polishing, blasting…

Chemical surface treatments
Cleaning, degreasing…

Surface Coatings
Painting, powder coating…