Frequently asked questions

exaas (expertise as a service) is an online platform that connects engineers and purchasers with selected experts in order to answer production-related technical questions. exaas is thus an intermediary that ensures quality, speed and a smooth flow of the services provided.

We want to show development departments concrete options on how external, production-related expertise can be put to good use. As a rule, this serves the goal of being able to manufacture components smoothly and thus more cost-effectively.
This means that at exaas, the service is in the foreground and the selection of the concrete expert for the implementation is taken over by us in a further step in agreement with the customer. This saves time and enables us to provide our customers with the best possible consulting quality.

The consultations offered are extremely varied. For example, experts on exaas give advice on the selection of the optimal manufacturing process, the choice of the right material, they forecast procurement prices or transfer entire components to other manufacturing processes.

The experts are, on the one hand, consulting firms or independent consultants who specialize in certain manufacturing processes or technologies.

However, one of the most important groups of experts are companies such as contract manufacturers or toolmakers, who have enormous shop-floor expertise and can immediately identify both potential and problems on the basis of the production drawing.

In the production of series components, the right decisions at the beginning can save a lot of time and money later on. As a customer of exaas, you have the possibility to access unique and high-quality expertise in various fields in order to design your components optimally and to have them manufactured later without any problems.
We have already determined the most important measures for a successful component production for you and make them available as service packages on our website for booking.

We can take care of that for you. On our platform, you don’t have to read and compare long expert profiles, you only have to decide on a service package that fits your project. We then select the most suitable expert and contact you.
If you are not satisfied with our choice, we can of course find an alternative for you.

In order to relieve our customers of bureaucratic work, we take care of the entire billing process. All services that are booked via exaas are also invoiced by us. As an expert, you will then be compensated for your services accordingly.

The costs depend on the respective service package, but are based on the amount of time an expert has to spend. The hourly and daily rates are within a range that is usual in the industry.

You can use our expert search service here. Simply send us an email to and describe your requirements. We will then do our best to find a suitable expert and put together a tailor-made service package for you.

exaas concludes a non-disclosure agreement with all customers and each expert, so that all orders carried out via our platform are subject to secrecy. Furthermore, both parties, customers and experts, have the possibility to refuse to cooperate with certain companies.

As soon as our platform goes online, you as a customer have the possibility to view our offer and register if you are interested. If you would like to book a service package, we will contact you and conclude a non-disclosure agreement as well as a service contract in which the billing is also regulated.
You can then book the desired service packages via our platform, just like in a conventional online shop. After the booking you will receive a message from us about your expert, with the possibility to make an initial appointment.

We see our role not only as a intermediary, but also as an active supporter to ensure that manufacturing expertise is incorporated into component development at an early stage. To this end, we want to remove all obstacles that could stand in the way of successful consulting. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that we make it easy to coordinate appointments using online calendar tools or provide tools for telephone conferences and video calls.

You can simply leave your data on our site under “Become an expert”. We will then contact you and clarify further details. When our platform goes online we will ask you again to register with your email address and password.